JG Electronics Introduces Innovation To Sublimation And Laser Transfer Markets


Muggit Sublimer is a printable acrylic, a product that prints well, yet can also be bent into practically any shape or form with the application of heat, without damaging the print. Almost anything that can be done with standard acrylic can be achieved with this product, including laser cutting, with the added benefit that it is printable on both sides.

When decorating with sublimation, the print goes into the substrate and is thus extremely hardy. It is very difficult to damage the product under normal wear and tear conditions. It can also be used safely on floors (the company put down a sheet in its driveway, and cars run over it daily, with no damage to the print). Outdoor endurance of the print depends on the inks used and their UV stability.


When laser transfer printing either a gloss or matte effect can be achieved depending on the print process and transfer paper used. Abrasion resistance is higher than most other hard surface transfers, but not as good as sublimation. The product is available either in pre-cut shapes or in sheets of 816 x 1250mm and 2450 x 1250mm in opal (white), in 3mm and 6mm varieties, and also clear in a 3mm thickness.

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