Intamarket Graphics Launches Mactac Brand

Intamarket Graphics Launches Mactac Brand
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The renowned Mactac brand is now exclusively available through Intamarket Graphics. For over 50 years, Mactac has been a global leader in manufacturing adhesive products used for visual communications, signage, decoration, labelling, and the packaging and assembly industry. Intamarket launched this brand at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa Expo. This article appears in the Sign Africa Journal.


Through the years, highly skilled research and development teams at Mactac have helped the company pioneer many industry firsts:
• Patented ‘non-ooze’ adhesive sheet products with scored liners for the offset printing industry.
• Mountinng and overlaminating fillms with optically clear adhesives and UV inhibitors for the photographic industry.
• Unique tyre labelling products for the automotive industry.
• Exclusive hot melt adhesive constructions for freezer labelling applications for the packaging industry.


• Over 1500 ICC profiles on its website, for perfect printing on its media.
• A downloading service that allows users to export all Mactac coloured film shades in ase and xml formats for integration into graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, CorelDRAW, etc.
• An image bank with more than 5000 photos (Creative Gallery), a real source of inspiration and a place to discover the possibilities Mactac adhesives offer.
• A team dedicated to providing their technical expertise.


Wrapping vehicles for fashion is the latest trend in vehicle decoration. With Mactac TuningFilm range, car owners now have the opportunity to personalise the paintwork of their vehicle to suit their own tastes and to create a unique, individual look. The film can also be used on boats, creating stunning effects.

Responding to car owners who want new and unique vehicle wraps, Mactac has developed the TF 900 FlexChrome BF series, a ground-breaking metallic film with a matte surface. Available in 10 chrome-finish colours, the new material gives exciting new visual effects both when dry and when wet – effects that can be best described as ‘where liquid meets metal’.

Helene Gobry, Product Manager, Mactac, said that customers are looking for new materials that truly set their vehicle apart, and the new TF 900 FlexChrome BF series gives them access to an entirely different look: ‘We’ve had some amazing reaction to these materials. The colours shift with the light, with more colour depth and more shades than a gloss film, and this matte film takes things even further. When the car surface is wet, it develops a very dramatic glossy metallic look, which contrasts with dry matte areas.’

FlexChrome adhesives offer three main advantages:
1. They considerably reduce the effect of glare in very bright conditions.
2. Their finish is less subject to scratching, compared to a glossy finish.
3. Small imperfections on the surface are camouflaged, unlike high gloss films.

This new range of products has another big advantage: its flexibility. TF FlexChrome 900 films easily follow the shape of curved surfaces. Cuttng is only necessary in very concave parts. In addition, the bubble-free adhesive, recently modified to be more easily re-positionable, allows air bubbles to be rapidly eliminated on all mounting surfaces such as cars, motorbikes, boat hulls (above the waterline) and even furniture.


The design market, both in outdoor and indoor applications, represents an extraordinary opportunity for the industry. Mactac films offer exciting and creative solutions to existing buildings and their interiors’ materials as well as in the conception of new buildings. Mactac films offer designers a multitude of solutions to create stunning environments.

The state-of-the art technology allows for more and more flexibility in terms of application and removability. The brand can offer the ability to create truly unique and imaginative spaces and do so at a very cost effective rate. Retail stores, offices, reception areas, exhibitions, lobbies, bars, restaurants, hotels and home decorators are all ideal markets that can be targeted by designers and converters for new, profitable business opportunities.

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