Inol Ceramics Adopts Xaar 2001+ Printhead

Inol Ceramics adopts Xaar 2001+ printhead.

Having used Xaar printheads since 2013 and operating more than 10 machines with Xaar printhead technology, Chinese tile manufacturer Inol Ceramics saw that the Xaar 2001+ provided them with the capability to achieve the high print quality and high productivity required to produce the latest tile designs.

With its 720dpi resolution and maximum ink laydown of 40g/sqm at 25m/min line speed, the Xaar 2001+ GS12 produces tiles with higher definition. This results in delicate textures and natural, realistic colours. In addition, Inol has found that designs with a significant use of black, which require very high ink laydown requirements, are easily produced, avoiding issues of lining or possible ink starvation that they have seen with other printheads.

The upgrade to the Xaar 2001+ has allowed Inol to expand its product range as well as producing a significant improvement in cost efficiency. In addition, a stronger emphasis on creativity has enabled the business to serve the market with higher quality products and helped to enhance its brand image.

‘We’ve had direct feedback from customers complimenting the clear colours and richer layering on our latest tile designs,’ said Wo Wai Hao, deputy general manager of Inol. ‘The Xaar 2001+ not only produces tiles with stronger colours; it has also helped us achieve true product differentiation by allowing us to create more unique and innovative designs.’

Gerard Winn, senior product manager at Xaar said, ‘We are delighted that the Xaar 2001+ printhead has been chosen by Inol Ceramics. With its productivity and reliability in single-pass applications, it provides the performance, durability and high laydown capabilities that ceramics manufacturers need to get ahead of their competitors.’


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