Inkcups Release High Speed Printing System

Inkcups Release High Speed Printing System

The Double Helix features two side-by-side print stations that can simultaneously print the same artwork on two of the same vessels. These print stations have the ability to print superior quality, full-colour (CMYKWW+V) images on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. With this high-speed printing system, customers can focus on and target medium to higher-volume print runs.

Fast and flexible just like the flagship Helix, the Double Helix can print full colour seamless graphics at around 6 to 8 parts per minute depending on artwork size. This new machine is ideal for use with drinkware, barware, spirits, craft beer, candle holders and many other industrial cylinder printing applications. In these fields, typical end products include high quality graphics on stainless steel tumblers, pint glasses, beer cans wine and spirit bottles, sports bottles and much more.

‘We are really excited to launch the Double Helix to the drinkware and industrial markets and expect that it will be a major success. Our Helix printer is an amazing product for digitally printing with full colour images but its speed does not satisfy all the needs in the market. The Double Helix will help our customers generate more revenue by getting increasing throughput and opening up new profit opportunities for higher volume printing,’ said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

The Double Helix is compatible with Inkcups’ full line-up of UV digital ink. With a printable area of 21.8cm (8.6 inches), this machine can print on items up to 30.4cm (12 inches) in length with a diameter of 5-12.7cm (2-5 inches) using design techniques such as spot varnish, tip-to-tip printing, mirror print, contour print and more. Other highlights of this machine include the ability to add the new and patented Transparent Pin Curing (TPC) system for transparent drinkware items as well as integrating pre-treatment processes.