Inkcups Introduces Extended Stroke Pad Printer

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Inkcups developed the ICN-120 1-colour pad printer with the need for an extended stroke machine in mind. Not only does this industrial pad printer have an extended forward stroke of 203mm (8”), it also has a larger cup size of 120mm (4.7”).

An extended stroke in pad printing means that the silicone pad reaches out further forwards to the print area than standard machines. The extended stroke enables more maneuverability in terms of print placement. This not only helps for printing on large, industrial pieces but has also proves successful in the apparel market.

Typically, pad printing on heavy materials such as hoodies results in the fabric being bunched up between the table and the plate. An extended stroke machine gives operators more space to properly lay out the material without worry of missing the print area or getting ink on other areas of the part. For industrial applications, an extended stroke enables companies to reach further out onto the part, making it easier to print on items such as satellite dishes and covers.

This extended forward stroke can be used for various applications such as frisbees, drum covers, apparel, hard hats and satellite dishes. As an added bonus, the ICN-120 can also come equipped with a pad cleaning mechanism which is ideal for environments where there is a lot of sediment or fibres in the air or, for parts that have debris that can easily stick to the pad, compromising print quality.

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