Inkcups Announce Rotary Digital Printer

Inkcups announce release of Helix Hi-Fi 7-Colour Rotary Digital Printer.

The Helix Hi-Fi delivers photorealistic skin-tone matching with the addition of three new colour pockets. In addition to Helix’s standard CMYKWV, the Helix Hi-Fi has three additional colours: light cyan, light magenta and light black.

The addition of the light colours brings output quality to a new level. The benefits are most dramatic in printing skin tones where true photorealistic images are generated with smoother shade transitions, less graininess and higher-resolution edge effects.

The Helix Hi-Fi’s unique skin-tone matching function is increasingly in demand for personalised printing, which often requires one-off production of facial images. Helix Hi-Fi can import a series of unique image files and produce high-resolution printed products of stunning quality. Typical applications include personalised images on glass candle holders, drinkware including stemless wine glasses, stainless steel tumblers, pint glasses and many more.

Ideal for promotional and retail markets, the Helix Hi-Fi prints multi-colour graphics on straight-walled cylinders, tapers and objects with limited wall curvatures. The system features a built-in programmable tilt to reduce change-over time and eliminate the need to optimise print recipes for each SKU change. The Helix Hi-Fi uses UV LED ink and prints 360 degrees with a maximum resolution of 1200dpi. The machine’s printable area is 21.8cm (8.6 inches); the system can print on items up to 30.5cm (12 inches) in length with a diameter ranging from 5-12.7cm (2-5 inches).

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