Hydro DIY Dip Kit Now Available in South Africa


The Hydro DIY Dip Kit, which can be used by professionals and home users, is now available locally. Hydro Dipping is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialised film printed with natural designs like burl wood, walnut, carbon fibre, hunting camo, military, skulls, brush aluminium, barbed wire, red, blue and green flames, flame skulls, sticker bombs and geometrical designs etc. to decorate nearly any substrate.

Applications include: dash kits, handles, switches, car interiors and exteriors, bike parts, decor, fishing/camping equipment, rifles, gun cases, handguns, paint ball guns, hoppers, masks, knives, bows, helmets, quad covers and phone covers as well as many daily applications lend themselves to the film dipping process. Hydro Dipping can be applied to materials such as plastics, metals, wood, aluminium and steel and can coat complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. It creates a new colour and appearance on the printed product and enhances its value.

The company offers a dealer package which includes a professional dipping tank, training and stock to start trading. They also offer the water transfer/hydro dipping process in a complete DIY kit for the home user to dip their own products.

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