HP Launches Mobile App For Latex 300 Series


Midcomp has announced the availability of HP's new Latex Mobile app, which enables you to receive helpful consumables alerts while also remotely monitoring your printer and job status.

Rely on alerts to inform you when attention is needed

No more wondering what’s going on with your printer while you’re away:
• Alerts inform you about supplies, the substrate path and situations when the printer is not ready.
• Return to your printer and take action once you’ve been alerted.

Know the status of your printer while you’re away from it

HP Latex Mobile app offers insight into printer activity and ink and media levels:
• Follow printer activity remotely and gain an awareness of your printer at all times.
• Stay abreast of ink levels and the amount of media remaining to avoid surprises and respond accordingly.

Remotely keep tabs on print jobs

HP Latex Mobile app enables you to monitor job completion and job history:
• Track print jobs through to completion (1).
• Monitor jobs printed via job history.

The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

(1) Printer updates occur roughly every five minutes during the printing process and every several hours when the printer is idle. Under certain circumstances, printer updates may be delayed.

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