HP Latex Solution Sets New Benchmark For Print In Ethiopia

HP Latex Solution Sets New Benchmark For Print In Ethiopia
Yilekale Melese alongside his HP Latex 800W printer.

Ethiopian printing business, Meron Printing Trade, said the quality of print on the HP Latex 800W, installed in November of this year, helps it to stand out among competitors.

The company’s decision to invest in the HP Latex 800W has helped it to establish a new benchmark for print quality in the country and has allowed the company to access work across a range of markets.

Founder Yilekale Melese said such has been the impact of this that Meron Printing Trade has been able to set a new standard for print quality in Addis Ababa.

Founded in 2016, Meron Printing Trade is based in Addis Ababa and has established itself as a leading provider of print in both the local region and further afield into the international market. The company offers a range of services but counts roll-up banners as its main service, working with clients across key sectors such as conferences and education.

The company’s investment in an HP Latex 800W from approved HP partner, Signtrade, has played a major part in its success in the business’s relatively short history.

‘When we started out, the market lacked quality in printing, with substandard print the only option,’ Melese said. ‘I wanted to revolutionise the industry by changing the norms and proving to this beautiful and vibrant city that printing in high quality with a profitable margin is possible. After a lot of research, I found HP had machines and solutions that were aligned with our thinking.’

‘I spoke with Signtrade and decided to purchase the HP Latex 800W. The white ink on the machine has added a whole new dimension to our work, providing innovative and creative design outputs for our clients. To put it simply, Meron Printing Trade has created a new benchmark for print in Ethiopia.’

Melese also highlighted how the sustainability and safer output qualities of the HP Latex 800W has allowed Meron Printing Trade to access work that was previously out of reach.

All HP Latex printers run HP Latex ink, which is water-based and has significantly less impact on the environment than other inks such as solvent, eco-solvent and UV. HP Latex ink is also Greenguard Gold certified to standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air. This means Meron Printing Trade can take on work from clients with specific environmental and safety requirements.

‘This certification, which ensures zero odour and sustainable print outputs, definitely gives us an edge and separates us from other printing houses in the local area that heavily depend on solvent and UV printers,’ Melese said. ‘For example, we can now print wallpapers for the hotel industry. We also provide larger prints for the interior decoration of schools in the region, as the water-based inks provide a safe and colourful environment for the children.’

‘To sum up, our workhorse HP Latex 800W provides us with a solution to print on almost any media with beautiful and sustainable outputs.’

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