HP Latex Print And Cut Solutions: Double The Speed, Half The Time

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HP latex Print and Cut Solutions feature an integrated workflow, saving up to 50% of the time so users can produce prints twice as fast*, and deliver on the same day. The reliable, dual device solution enhances productivity at the cost of a single device while also offering a wider range of applications such as stickers, customised clothing or window graphics. This article appears in the Sign Africa Journal.


Users can print and cut simultaneously instead of relying on a print or cut solvent workflow. With HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP in-box, HP’s complete solution is designed to work as one.

Additionally, HP Latex Print and Cut solutions are designed to work with the recently released HP Signage Suite, a cloud based software solution with web-based apps for easy signage creation. The suite is designed for integration into PSPs’ web-to-print operations, making it possible to receive orders 24/7.

HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP uses the unique HP barcode so productivity becomes even more versatile and automated, allowing jobs to be cut in any order and ensuring more accurate and reliable cuts. The HP cutter will read the barcode, get the exact information from the RIP and start cutting. As long as the job is in the RIP queue the user can decide when to cut it. For example, if the user has printed a job with the barcode and receives another urgent order the first job could be cut at the end of the day, the day after or at the end of the week. As long as the job is in the RIP queue the HP Cutter will be able to recognise the barcode and cut it properly.

By using the HP Barcode the risk of losing a job is considerably reduced since two barcodes are always printed and both barcodes are equally recognised by the cutter. In addition, long jobs can be divided into smaller jobs (adding more barcodes), so only part of the job is lost when experiencing an issue. The HP Barcode is printed at the beginning and end of the media sheet/roll (two barcodes are always printed), so there’s no need to know the plot orientation. For example if the job has been laminated and needs to be loaded into the cutter, users won’t need to remember the plot orientation to make sure the job is properly cut. Users will benefit from an error free workflow.

The process eliminates the need to wait for prints to finish before cutting direct cuts or laminated prints. With HP Latex inks, and there is no need to worry about indoor applications and prints, which can be processed immediately as there is no need for de-gassing.

• Grow with this 1.37m (54 in) business-ready print and cut solution.
• Indoor quality: 12sqm/hr (129 square feet/hr).
• Cut speed: up to 113cm/sec (44 inch/sec diagonal).

• Expand into wider applications with this 1.63m (64 in) true print and cut solution.
• Indoor quality: 13sqm/hr (140 square feet/hr).
• Cut speed: up to 113cm/sec (44 inch/sec diagonal).

All solutions feature HP Barcode system and OPOS marks, HP Signage Suite and HP FlexiPRINT and CUT RIP.


Features to help customers keep running costs low such HP Custom Substrate Profiling for automatic ICC profiling and an i1 embedded spectrophotometer, both available on the HP Latex Printer.
Additionally, the HP Latex 315 and 335 printers offer optimised profiles with HP Quick Substrate Profiling as well as the FlexiPrint HP Edition RIP, which is included in the box.
Continuous printing capabilities, helping customers gain productivity and reduce time between jobs as well as achieve same day delivery.
The new HP Quick Solutions application for the HP Latex 365 printer, which is accessible from the front panel touchscreen for fast troubleshooting and to easily optimise image quality directly on the printer.
Increased media versatility with the ability to handle a variety of substrates from self adhesive vinyls and backlits to wall coverings and textiles.
New online training tools for operators to get the most out of their HP Latex equipment.
An automatic x-axis cutter for efficient cutting to finish and deliver prints immediately, which is included across all the printers.


The cutters feature efficient job recognition and reliable error-free cutting with no risk of shrinkage or curling. LAN connectivity and the HP media basket add convenience. Most importantly, users can print and cut at the same time — versus print or cut with solvent.


  • Labels and stickers: achieve high quality results on cut through stickers.
  • Customisable clothing: cut time out of the finishing workflow – prints come out dry so users can move directly to the heat presses.
  • Floor graphics: laminate right after printing – no need to wait for prints to dry.
  • Wall decals: reach indoor spaces that solvent can’t with odourless prints. Meet high environmental and health standards – ideal for hotels, restaurants and schools.
  • Window graphics: scratch-resistant prints minimise risk of damage with finishing, installation with third generation HP Latex Technology.
  • Vehicle graphics: save time with instant lamination. Wrapping film alternatives to PVC and HP Latex inks are the ideal fit.

*Based on HP internal testing in February 2017 comparing the HP Latex Print and Cut Solution with a solvent technology based integrated print and cut solution at a comparable cost.

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