Hop Industries Hop-Syn GO Grade Suitable For Wide Range Of Presses

Hop Industries Hop-Syn GO Grade suitable for wide range of presses.

Hop Industries has reported that its Hop-Syn GO grade is now compatible with all leading digital LED inkjet printers and LED offset presses. The product can be used for a range of durable applications that range from menus, ID cards, POP signs, retail tags, book covers, and much more. It’s an environmentally-friendly and cost effective alternative to top-coated plastics and laminated paper substrates.

Initially designed exclusively for the HP Indigo digital press, Hop-Syn GO grade is now recommended for a broad range of wide and narrow format, digital UV inkjet and LED offset presses.

‘We are broadening the market for Hop-Syn GO because it prints with great adhesion, definition and colour resolution on the leading LED offset presses and wide format LED roll-fed printers. Our customers are delighted with the results,’ commented Jack Smith, senior vice president, Hop Industries.

Hop-Syn GO’s proprietary top coating provides a scuff-resistant surface that delivers excellent ink adhesion with the highest colour resolution. Made from a combination of polypropylene and calcium carbonate, Hop-Syn GO’s pre-treated surface has been shown to eliminate or reduce static by more than 25% compared to printing on 100% solid plastics, such as polystyrene and rigid PVC.

The product’s thermally stable construction can withstand temperatures from -45 degrees Celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit) up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit (104 Celsius) without distortion. Its non-porous surface easily repels water, grease, oil and harsh chemicals, meeting the specific durability requirements widely expressed by digital print customers. Hop-Syn GO is an ideal replacement for pulp-paper applications where extreme tear resistance, weather resistance and lamination are required.

Hop-Syn GO is a white, opaque and smooth matte synthetic paper, available in .008 and .010 gauge thicknesses in standard stock sheets, including 30.5 x 45.7cm (12 x 18 inches), 33 x 48.2cm (13 x 19 inches), 52 x 75cm (20.5 x 29.5 inches), 59.6 x 75cm (23.5 x 29.5 inches), 66 x 101.6 (26 x 40 inches) and in a 139.7cm (55 inch) master roll width.

Hop Industries https://hopsyn.com

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