Heytex has introduced HEYblue® digitex® eclipse. This innovative indoor product is the first block-out worldwide with a fine foam coating that is available in a five metre width. It is characterised by a very matte and opaque surface structure for superb print results.

Owing to the very matt and opaque surface structure of eclipse and translucence below two percent, prints on this innovative material impress by their particular elegance. The impressive reproduction of colours and details and the extraordinarily good edge sharpness are the results of an innovative combination of foam-coating on the front and black coating on the back of the material.

The material is  reflection-free and offers optimal flatness. Eclipse can be used for many different purposes: for wall hanging, suspension systems, as bonded wall textile, or as an advertising medium in display systems, wallpaper or projection surfaces. 

Moreover, time and money consuming preparation of interfering backgrounds is no longer required. No matter what is supposed to disappear behind a banner, eclipse will cover it reliably and the advertising message will not be negatively affected. 

Eclipse is 100% recyclable and flame-retardant, in accordance with B1 standards.