Heytex Announces New Textile Range

STIXO-Signage Supplies

Changing requirements and increased environmental awareness require the development of new products, and this also applies to the banner market. With this in mind, Heytex has released its new PVC-free ecotex® line.

The textiles are for medium-term outdoor use and feature high sustainability. In March 2019, Heytex launched its new ecotex® frontlit, and is now extending its portfolio with the PVC-free textile mesh. To complete the range, a backlit and a blackback are also expected soon. The new ecotex® materials are available in production widths up to 500cm (frontlit) and 505cm (mesh) and are perfect for UV, solvent, eco-solvent and latex printing.

Due to their high tear strength and dimensional stability, they can withstand high wind loads and are ultra-light (frontlit is up to 50% less than conventional frontlits). This facilitates processing, reduces transport costs and saves CO2.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and health-conscious, the material is free of plasticisers, phthalates and isocyanate-containing compounds. The ecotex® materials are the unique alternative for outdoor applications when PVC banners are not desired (with a proven durability of 12 months in Northern European outdoor use).

In addition, fire-certified according to DIN 4102 B1 and EN13501-1, they even comply with official building regulations, thus preventing the need to stock both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant products at the same time. Ecotex® textiles feature overwhelming printing dimension with vivid colour fastness.


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