Hexis Announces Suptac S5000 Vinyl Series


The Suptac S5000 Series is available in more than 100 hues and is an opaque 100% polymeric PVC vinyl with a very high gloss finish.

The 65µm/2.55mil polymeric PVC cuts and weeds remarkably easily. It is available in various widths from 380mm to 1520mm.

Suptac S5000 Series sign vinyl is backed with an industrial-grade, permanent, solvent acrylic adhesive (developed by Hexis) that sticks to a wide variety of surfaces. It can be wet-applied and is able to resist both low and high temperature extremes, as well as high humidity conditions. It also has a premium silicone-coated Kraft liner that offers better grip and greater accuracy during the cutting process on friction-fed plotters.

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