Hexis And Racing Optics Collaborate With Multi-Layer Protective Films


The HEXIS Group recently announced a strategic collaboration with Racing Optics, Inc. Born from a racing heritage, Racing Optics was founded 20 years ago by the Wilson brothers, who created detachable multi-layer films to improve the visibility and safety of race car and motorcycle drivers.

HEXIS will use Racing Optics’ multi-layer protective films for luxury, sports and racing cars. This partnership complements the development of BODYFENCE protection products, which protects car bodies against external damage and dirt from sticking to the paint.

The 3333SHIELD, specially designed for windshields of passenger vehicles, is a high-end solution combining protection and optical comfort and clarity. This film is composed of three removable optically clear layers of film, each measuring three mils in thickness. It provides enhanced protection against damage from UV rays, scratches and cracks. In racing applications, the 3333SHIELD safeguards windshields that are exposed to projectiles, scratches, mud marks, etc.

The 4444RACING is an extreme protection solution, consisting of four optically clear, removable layers, with a thickness of four mils each. Each layer of protections can be easily removed in seconds, leaving a new clean surface.

Clément MATEU, HEXIS CEO, commented, ‘We are delighted to be working with a family-owned American company known worldwide for the quality of its multi-layered protective films. This partnership allows us to offer a complete range of automotive protection for a wide range of automotive markets, including consumer, luxury, commercial and racing.’

‘A strategic relationship with HEXIS is a major step in the expansion of Racing Optics products in France and in other countries around the world. The professionalism of HEXIS, their commitment to racing and a cherished and privileged relationship with their distribution network, were all essential elements that helped Racing Optics conclude that this would be a an exciting, prosperous, and long-lasting relationship’, said Bart Wilson, president of Racing Optics.

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