Guyenne Fabric Developed For All Types Of Printing

Guyenne Fabric Developed For All Types Of Printing

When printed and applied on walls, Guyenne’s Decolov M1 fabric has an ultra matte finish. Decolov M1 can be used for tarpaulin, decoration, canvas and roll up. Its textile structure gives it qualitative properties for the high-end market and for creative decoration. It can easily be sewn, hot welded or even fitted with eyelets.

The creative tear-proof and crease-resistant fabric is developed for universal use. It is a light, environmentally friendly (PVC-free), virtually wrinkle-free synthetic non-woven fabric with acoustic properties.


– M1 Certified.
– Feels as flexible as textile; original and inspiring creativity.
– Tear-resistant, hard to crease.
– Instant drying.
– No stretching out of shape.
– PVC-free and recyclable.


– Quality hanging poster.
– Ornamental pallet skirt.
– Roll up advertising display.
– Banner.
– Jersey number.