Guandong Combines Fabric And Tape Solutions For Eco-Friendly Product


Realised by using almost 80% recycled material from plastic bottles, REvita Tack Puro is a green product, and is printable with eco-solvent, UV and Latex inks for a 100% eco-friendly and totally recyclable result.

This support is fully part of the products guaranteed by the GreenLife seal, the brand that certifies Guandong’s commitment to each environmentally friendly aspect throughout the various phases of production and distribution processes.

REvita Tack Puro has been developed by Guandong for high-level applications, including: parquet, granite floors, fine marble, as well as smooth and dust-free walls and surfaces. REvita Tack Puro can be positioned and repositioned without leaving traces or residues even on the most precious and delicate of surfaces. This support is born from the union of two of the most recent innovations in the Guandong range: REvita Puro, a polyester fabric obtained from the recycling of PET bottles, and Two Tack, a double-sided universal peel and stick tape featuring Nano-Tack technology.

‘REvita Tack Puro conjugates the practicality and versatility of customisable and reusable films for wall and floor graphics with the elegance and refinement of fabric. Furthermore, we are the first in Europe to offer a product also suitable for delicate surfaces such as resinate and wooden floors,’ Daniele Faoro, Guandong’s Team Principal.

The solution was created in response to the communication needs of fashion and jewellery brands, high end restaurants, banks and credit institutions, prestigious corporate offices, and, in general, for all those places where the need for simple communication should never do away with style.

As is the case with all the other products in the REvita range, the purchase of this new film supports the 4OCEAN Foundation for protection and clean-up initiatives regarding the oceans, helping to underline that plastic is not an enemy of the environment if approached through virtuous behaviours and uses.

Thanks to the company’s exclusive Nano-Tack technology, this material allows for the total discharge of air, avoiding the formation of unsightly bubbles when applied on floors and walls, and also leaving no adhesive residues after removal. Made of polyester resistant to high temperatures and external stresses of any kind, REvita Tack Puro is R10 skid-proof certified. It can be sanitised, or removed and reapplied after floor washing.

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