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Graphix Supply World has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with MATIC S.A. MATIC are innovative leaders in providing custom-made finishing solutions for the textile manufacturing sector, amongst others.

MATIC manufactures custom-made machinery with the most advanced technology, always adapting to client’s demands and needs. Internationally, MATIC is a key enterprise of the textile manufacturing sector, present in different industry fields such as: clothing garments, automobile interiors, home textiles, leather goods, curtains, awnings, advertising canvas, sails, nets and composites.

On the MATIC stand, at FESPA Barcelona (21-24 Feb 2012), Roberto Franco, Managing Director of GSW, was present to witness the launch of the new MATIC automatic cutting machine M1. The M1 is a flatbed laser cutting solution for textiles that seals as it cuts, and has been developed to increase and improve productivity as well as optimise cutting time.

The MATIC Cronos V is an ergonomic automated sewing machine workstation for sewing seams on flags, with minimum stops and time wastage through fabric handling. The table is equipped with transport belts that are synchronized with the sewing machine, enabling long seams to be made, and eliminating constant tension on the thread. Two units of the Cronos machine have already been sold in South Africa.

The Ares Plus is an automatic impulse-welding machine, which will be particularly useful as a finishing solution in the print and signage industries for banner welding. The Ares Plus has a folding system for finishing banners, roller shades, blinds, awnings, mosquito nets and more. Pneumatic controlled guides allow fabric to be lined up accurately, saving time and wastage associated with operator faults using manual guides.

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