GSW Appointed As Agent For DTG G4 Direct To Garment Compact Printer


Graphix Supply World is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to sell the DTG G4 Direct To Garment Printer. Using advanced industrial Ricoh piezo print head technology, the overall operation life cycle is extended due to the robustness and automated cleaning functions of the G4 DTG engine.

The G4 DTG direct to garment printer, one of many of Pigmentinc B.V.’s printers, establishes a new standard for professional direct prints for all finished garments and fashion panels. Designed and produced by the DTG Digital division of Pigmentinc B.V., the G4 DTG was developed to be the most affordable industrial DTG printer in this market segment, delivering speed, performance and amazing prints. With over a decade in innovation and engineering advancements from DTG Digital for all apparel printers, embroidery, screen printing, internet, retail, sign shops, production houses and more, DTG Digital products are preferred, trusted and used across a wide range of industries.

The printer offers magnetic quick lock inter-changeable platens in various sizes for infant through to ultra wide and long garment prints. Cut piece work and fashion panel capabilities are also available with specialty large field tables to accommodate most strike off requirements. It is built for industrial all shift operation, with features that make any novice operator a pro in no time at all.

The machine meets the production requirements of demanding users along with being super simple to install and use. Starting with an IKEA-type of installation, which takes less than 30 minutes after unpacking, the use of the printer is also as simple as 1-2-3. With a simple to use intuitive touch 17.7cm (7 inch) display panel, any operator will be using the unit in minutes after set-up. The feature set works for both entry level personnel to sophisticated users since its full capabilities are similar to far more expensive DTG printers in the market today.

With higher print head kilohertz frequency – speed is a major advantage along with minimum and maximum drop values of 2-37pcl. Up to 1200dpi resolution, an increased firing rate and faster scan speeds deliver pinpoint registration and vibrancy. The G4 DTG print heads are rated for billions of actuations, delivering 150% more speed, power and reliability than previous DTG printer models.

The printer knows what ink is sitting in the dampers and adjusts automatically to the correct wave form while printing, eliminating starvation, blockages and associated ink issues. With auto degassing, each print channel has a set of pressure release dampers mounted at the print head – this is a first – and provides unparalleled performance, especially in eliminating re-gassing of the ink feed delivery, commonly experienced with white ink in printers.

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