Graphix Supply World Announces Major Sales at Sign Africa Cape Town Expo


Graphix Supply World reported a large number of sales and anticipates more to be signed this month following a successful exhibit at the Cape Town Sign Africa expo, held from 2-3 September at the CTICC.

According to the company, the best of show was the Klieverik GTC3400-101 large drum press, sold to Grosvenor Branding Solutions (GBS), together with a Mimaki JV5-320DS printer. This combination is not only able to transfer 300sqm/hour but can also handle any fabrics at a very low electrical consumption cost.

GBS also bought a Mimaki DS1800 to print on cotton, making it the first innovative textile print centre in the country to print on all types of fabrics, even carpeting up to 3,2m wide.

The company showcased a range of cutting, digital and textile printing solutions, including the Mimaki UJF3042 desktop UV printer as well as the Mimaki TS300, a textile printing solution with the new ability to print at 115sqm/hour on economical substrates as it has a 6mm head clearance.

The company also exhibited and sold a number of the newly launched Mimaki SIJ320, the fastest roll to roll UV printer capable of printing 118sqm/hour.

The Polyprint texjet plus printer also attracted a great deal of visitor interest. The DTG printer prints on dark garments, without pre-coating, and with a production of up to 60 dark garments per hour.

Rob Franco, MD of Graphix Supply World said, ‘In combination with our flatbed printing solution, we also showed our flatbed cutting with the Esko V series cutter that was demonstrated by Esko to show clients that the printed sheets could become stands or 3D objects with all the various tools to cut, crease, route, engrave or bevel cut.

‘We are proud to have displayed 29 machines, all working to give visitors the opportunity to diversify into new avenues and grow their business. We also displayed our low priced media and inks that allow customers to save money and be more profitable.’

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