Graphix Supply World Announces Genesis Fabric Laser Cutters


Graphix Supply World now distributes Blackman and White fabric laser cutters. The Genesis cutters fcomprise of a multi-tool head that carries rotary or fixed blades, including the unique oscillating blade and driven ‘pizza wheel’. This flexibility allows the Genesis to handle a range of materials from PVC sheeting to Kevlar.

Genesis machines offer accuracy and versatility, making them a popular choice for businesses that focus on products including print finishing, composites and upholstery. They cut anything from PVC, Carbon Fibre Sheeting and textiles to heavy-duty Kevlar.

The laser cutters come in flatbed, conveyorised or laser-equipped models. They offer incredible functionality with a very fast return on investment. Features include a seamlessly integrated laser cutting solution, ideal for working with textiles and acrylics. Light textiles are cut with a perfectly sealed edge removing the need to sew or hem, and thick acrylics can be cut with a beautiful polished edge; unachievable with contact tools.

This laser cutter is based on the versatile Genesis framework and can be carried on the gantry without slowing your process or reducing movement. The Genesis Laser Cutter allows for high-speed cutting of most textiles and is ideal for multi-layer cutting of thin materials such as parachutes, sailcloth, kites and paragliders.

The cutting laser is positioned horizontally to minimise the distance between it and the cutting point. This ensures greater accuracy. The cutter is available with either 50, 100 or 200 Watt power options. The 200 Watt laser can cut the most demanding fabrics including Kevlar and Spectra.

Available on the conveyorised or flatbed table, the Genesis Laser Cutter is also available as a dual knife and laser solution, which enables simultaneous knife and laser cutting on the same gantry or on separate gantries. Unique to Blackman and White, the Knife and laser dual gantry is an example of the cutting efficiency and material flexibility possible only on the Blackman and White cutting solution.

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