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Grafityp showcased its Grafityp Ecological Film (GEF) at FESPA 2013, which took place from 25 – 29 June.

GEF is suited for indoor and outdoor applications and is can also be used on most polycarbonates and polystyrenes.

The 70 micron soft ecological film is free of chlorine and plasticisers, is fire resistant, available in matte and glossy, has an outdoor life span 4 to 5 years and is available in widths of 610mm and 1220mm.

The films are extremely fire resistant (Fire Class 1 to BS 476 Part 7) and are suited for outdoor applications (4 to 5 years) on non-corrugated surfaces (e.g. advertising on shop windows, party decorations, seasonal offers, etc.) and for all possible indoor applications, such as shop advertising, trade show advertising, warehouses, etc.

The company showcased its complete product range, focusing mainly on the Graficast Automotive and Deco films (especially the new Stardust films) and the well-known GrafiWrap Vehicle Wrapping system. 

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