Grafityp PVC-Free Films Used In Stadium Project

Grafityp PVC-Free Films Used In Stadium Project

Grafityp’s PVC free film was applied for the Dugouts of the Belgian Football Association in the Heysel Stadium.

The GEF films are breathable, therefore, they are perfect for adhering to polycarbonate sheets.

Products used for this application


The non-PVC print films are the ecological alternative to PVC-films. This is a more durable solution. Non-PVC print films are also perfect for applications on polycarbonate and polystyrene.

GEF UV is a white matt polyolefine print film. It is PVC-free. Features: thickness: 100µm;
water-based semi-permanent acrylic adhesive and it is specially developed for use on UV printers.


The PVC-free laminates are perfect together with the non-PVC print films. Together they make a sustainable solution. LAM 121 UV is a transparent matt polyolefine laminate. It is PVC-free.

Features: thickness: 80µm; transparent water based permanent acrylic adhesive; ideal for protecting UV-curable inks and it is designed for indoor and long-term outdoor use (3.5 to 5 years).


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