Grafityp Introduces New Wall Decoration And Display Films

GSW – Mimaki

Grafityp has introduced new products into its range, including new films and laminates that have been designed with user-friendliness and appropriate applications in mind.


Grafiprint M010R is a 80µm monomeric transparent glossy film with removable adhesive. The film is printable with (eco)-solvent, latex and UV inks. It is ideal for short-term applications on shop windows and displays.

Grafiprint M112SHT is a 100µm monomeric white glossy print film that includes a Super High Tack adhesive. It is suited for all applications on low-energy surfaces and other ‘difficult’ surfaces.

Grafiprint NM116HT is a 100µm monomeric white matte print film, provided with a grey high tack adhesive. It was developed for wall decoration applications.


Grafiprint LAM250UV is a 75µm glossy polymeric calendered laminate while Grafiprint LAMx40UV is a 40µm glossy cast laminate. Both these laminates have been developed for protecting UV inks. The composition of these films allows users to avoid the silvering effect, which is so specific for UV prints.

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