Grafityp Introduces New Polymeric Film With Wood Structure

GSW – Mimaki

Grafiprint P232HT Wood comes with a high tack adhesive, and is meant for indoor and outdoor applications, and can be applied directly on painted or plastered walls.

It is a soft, seamless, cadmium-free, polymeric calendered, white matt PVC film. The film is printable on solvent printers (eco/mild/hard), latex printers and UV printers. Grafiprint P232HT comes with a HIGH TACK pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, which is protected by a high quality release liner.

Grafiprint P232HT is meant for indoor and outdoor wall decoration directly on plastered or lacquered walls, on plaster boards, partition walls, etc. When printing on the material, special attention should be paid to temperature settings of the heaters.

Stocks will only be available in South Africa at the end of July. Contact Maizey’s marketing department if you would like to receive a sample and pricing when launched:

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Tel: (+27) (0) 86 110 0420

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