Grafityp Announces Range Of Printable Films

Grafityp Announces Range Of Printable Films

Omega-Skinz Printables have a unique ink absorption, which creates more colour depth. The colours are more outspoken and each design gets a big wow factor. The metallic pigments in the film remain visible through the print, so users get a chic look instead of an ordinary ‘sticker effect’. Moreover, image details are clearly visible thanks to the good printing properties.

The Omega-Skinz Printables are printable car wrap films that users can print according to their own style. The house style colours of a customer? A certain drawing, print or geometric pattern? Anything a user can imagine, they can print it on the Omega-Skinz films.

A user can use the Omega-Skinz Printables for any print job; whether it is a special design or just a commercial print on a company car. Success is guaranteed. Just as with the colour change colours of Omega-Skinz, these printable car wrap films also come with the air escape technology to facilitate application.

A user can choose from three types of printable car wrap films to create the ideal design. With OS-500 White Wonder a user can go for a white base film with a grey adhesive layer. For a deep, fresh colour with a pearlescent effect on the vehicle, this is possible with the OS-501 Pearl of Wisdom film. For OS-502 Silver Spirit, then print on a grey base with metallic effect.

Thanks to the four Omega-Skinz laminates, a user can give their design the final touch. Each laminate has its own special effect with which the user can give each design the desired finish.

Use OS-510 Razorblade to accentuate the contours and shapes of a vehicle, or imitate the effect of matt car paint. For a flat matt look, OS-511 Silky Satisfaction is the right choice. Want to keep the finish simple? OS-512 Clearcoat is the gloss laminate. Looking for a high gloss effect? Then use OS-513 Polished Pleasure.


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