Graficomp Installs HP Print And Cut System

Graficomp Installs HP Print And Cut System
Vandirai Verenga and Jacques du Preez with the HP Latex 335 system.

Minuteman Press Bryanston’s HP Latex 335 print and cut system, installed by Graficomp, has been praised for its versatility and high levels of productivity.

The system allows users to expand into wider applications with the 1.63m true print and cut solution, featuring print speeds of 13sqm/hr and a cut speed of up to 112cm/sec. Users can print and cut at the same time — versus print or cut with solvent — with this reliable, dual-device solution, and they can avoid solvent wait time.

Prints come out dry and ready to cut or laminate right away with no degas time — ready to deliver on the same day. Users can avoid lamination for short-term applications, with scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks.

The HP Latex 335 allowed Minuteman Press Bryanston to keep up with trends such as Covid stickers and signage to meet their clients’ demands. ‘The printer is the Rolls Royce of its kind, especially when it comes to the smaller wide format machines. The machine allows us to print on various substrates without compromising on quality,’ said owner Jacques du Preez.

According to du Preez, this is a huge benefit as Minuteman Press Bryanston only needs one machine to print all of its wide format jobs. The HP Latex is very easy to operate and the parameters on the machines are highly customisable, allowing the company to change settings exactly as it needs, depending on the specific print job and the output required.

He also said that the HP Latex is very fast and effective, allowing for a quicker turnaround time. One of its unique benefits is the fact that it can print unattended. ‘This allows us to print through the night, without anyone manning the machine. This is almost done on a weekly basis for big print runs, effectively giving us an extra eight hours of production time. This is also where the offline cutting comes in very handy, as we can start cutting the next morning, and the printer is not still occupied. This also maximises our productivity. The HP Latex is a must have for any small print shop as it is an excellent all-round machine, capable of handling high volumes of printing, while maintaining top quality,’ added du Preez.

In terms of new markets, du Preez said that the HP Latex has allowed his company to not only print standard jobs, but also allowed them to move into different market segments, which they would not have considered before, ‘We have recently started to print wallpaper — something we would have declined in the past. The HP Latex is capable of printing high resolution wallpaper at any size, depending on the customers’ needs,’ said du Preez. ‘We have also managed to print on non-printable substrates due to the HP Latex using an optimiser, allowing us to meet different demands from customers. The printer has given us the power to print anything, from vehicle wraps, T-shirts, signage, posters, canvases, plan printing, wall decals and more.’

The business is currently using the system to experiment with printing on wax paper and tissue paper, which according to du Preez is a popular application with take-away restaurants, particularly low-run volumes.

Du Preez added that the service they have received from Graficomp has been ‘out of this world’. ‘Their service and support have been excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. We have been dealing with Chris Paulet, and he has assisted us on numerous occasions with small issues with the printer. Even after hours, he is still willing to go the extra mile in order to solve problems if and when they come up. Paulet is also well informed in terms of the different substrates on the market and gives the best advice in this field. We currently source all our vinyl supplies from Graficomp and use them to service the printer as and when needed.’

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