GMG Expands ProofMedia Portfolio


GMG is expanding and reorganising its proof media portfolio into two lines: GMG ProofMedia Premium and GMG ProofMedia Studio. The Premium line is for contract proofing, while the Studio range is targeted at creatives wanting to reproduce accurate colours during the design process.

As a Fogra development partner, GMG was involved in defining the new FOGRA51/52 characterisation data and as a result its new media portfolio includes proof media with Optical Brightening Agents.

The new standards have also been integrated into GMG software. Its OpenColor can calculate profiles that allow for the precise prediction of results despite incredible levels of complexity, handling the effects of overprinting, changes in substrates, or alterations to the colour sequence. A new feature is the ability to calculate profiles for halftone proofs.

For users of Adobe Photoshop, GMG is launching a plug-in known as GMG ColorPin. It lets Photoshop users carry out operations that were previously only possible with the help of complex workarounds and a lot of manual intervention.

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