Ghost Announces New White Toner Printer

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With the current generation of Little Ghost white toner printer, you can use the company’s most advanced white toner printing solution as well as its brand new sublimation enabled Sublime Toner cartridges. With Sublime Toner, users can print their designs on standard copy paper and transfer them to light polyester sublimation-friendly blanks.

White Toner printing with Little Ghost is easy, and makes this technology accessible for everyone. Explore the possibilities of White Toner printing for transfer to textiles, fabrics and hard surfaces. The Little Ghost White Toner printer offers great paper handling as well as print speed, WiFi and network connection. Compared to previous models, Little Ghost convinces with a resolution of 1200dpi for even sharper prints. Use Ghost to create outstanding printed matters such as invitations, letters, cards and more, and use Toner Transfer to print blanks such as T-shirts, bags, textiles and more.

White toner printing is a revolutionary method since it is easy and quick to handle. Users can print almost any design on textiles, fabrics and hard surfaces with this technology, as well as in the colour white on coloured paper, cards or on black and brown craft paper.

The core piece of the company’s bundles is a modern laser printer. You can print motifs, patterns and more ideas on standard paper or request sublimation friendly blanks with powder coating and special sublimation toners as well. First and foremost, however, the product is delivered with white toner, for which a transfer foil is always required in order to transfer the print.

Apart from the fast working method and the easy handling, the quality of the results speaks for itself. Working with a high-tech printer is really easy thanks to the extraordinary handling of papers and the high printer speed. You can let the printer work via your home network or via WiFi when printing the different materials and surfaces.

Popular areas of application:

• Printing letters, invitations, postcards and flyers.
• Blanks as promotional material.
• Textiles like shirts and bags.


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