Gerber Technology Announces New Cutting Enhancements


Gerber Technology has announced new enhancements and options that will increase cut speed and throughput by up to 20% in many key applications while also greatly improving cut accuracy.

‘With how quickly the industry is changing, it’s important to have a technology partner that is dedicated to your growth, with continued upgrades to core platforms that increase functionality and performance,’ said Scott Schinlever, president and chief operating officer, automation solutions. ‘At Gerber, we want customers to have the tools that will not only allow them to be competitive today, but will also allow them to expand and grow with their Gerber platforms in the future.’

The Gerber MCT Cutter is the most versatile digital cutting system in its class, offering many configuration options including a high-powered laser and 10 more interchangeable tools, as well as the ability to quickly switch between laser and blade/router tools. This enables users to expand into new markets while greatly reducing lead time – all with one digital cutting platform.

‘The new Tiger GT option is a digital control option that allows the Gerber MCT Cutter to achieve unprecedented levels of higher productivity and enhanced cut quality, along with more data integration associated with new TigerVision 2.0 and greater Industry 4.0 capabilities, setting yet another new standard in digital finishing,’ said Nikolai Mikkelsen, executive director technology and engineering. ‘The platform has now reached an exciting state for our customers, which will allow us to continue to innovate and develop the solution for years to come.’

The Tiger GT option will be a digital control upgrade option for the current MCT platform. According to initial benchmarking, the Gerber MCT Cutter’s new Tiger GT option will greatly increase performance and cut accuracy and, coupled with TigerVision 2.0, improve efficiency both within and outside of the finishing department. With TigerVision 2.0 and EtherCAT controls, the platform will also see improved Industry 4.0 capabilities that will allow for remote support, production monitoring, and more integrated data transfer, and system diagnostics.

Gerber Technology also recently introduced new materials, including ImagePerfect large-format media, EDGE READY heat transfer textile film, and LexEdge Wide Format Speciality Digital Media materials, along with the GERBER EDGE FX production system.

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