Gencotech Announces Two New Laser Systems


Gencotech (GCC) has launched two new systems: the LaserPro FMC 270 compact size production metal cutting system and LaserPro MG380 Hybrid equipped with a metal and glass tube.

The GCC LaserPro FMC 270 delivers an easy way to operate fibre laser cutting system which yields spectacular cutting edges. This laser system is a cutting specialist engineered for performance and produces excellent output quality.

Features of the LaserPro FMC 270 include:
• Spacious 71.2cm x 37.0cm (28″ x 14.5″) working area.
• LaserMech capacitive cutting head.
• Closed-loop DC servo control for precise and rapid movement.
• UK Fibre laser technology for metal cutting.
• Autofocus function to automatically find correct focal distance.
• Easy to use MS Windows based driver interface.

The GCC LaserPro MG380 Hybrid is equipped with a metal laser tube and a glass laser tube which allow users to produce superior engraving and cutting work pieces. The all-in-one machine saves you storage space and maximises profits. The GCC LaserPro users always have an edge over the others, with numerous uniquely-innovative and user-friendly features.

The MG380 Hybrid also has an optional item called the Enhanced Automatic-Aligning System (AAS) Contour Cutting System, that features a standard AAS to guarantee precise contour cutting by detecting the registration marks on digitally-produced images.

Functions include: 
• First-mark auto-detection.
• Four-point positioning.
• Segmental positioning. 
• Multiple copies.

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