GCC Launches World First Elevation And Cold Foil Flatbed UV Printer

GCC Launches World First Elevation And Cold Foil Flatbed UV Printer

The new generation flatbed UV printer, JF-2418UV, has an attractive new look, high throughput, reliable and stable printing quality, user-friendly interface and unique functions including tactile printing ability, high gap printing function and cold foil sleeking capability.

The machine features a 60.9 x 45.72cm (B3+) working area with maximum depth 29.9cm thick object, CMYK with white and varnish colour, and dual UV-LED lamps that offer users unparalleled print quality with uncompromised productivity. The use of new LED lens reduces reflection and damage to printheads.

The new tactile printing function is a convenient tool and efficient way for anyone to create raised patterns and provide added value to products for fashion brands, boutique goods, oil painting reproduction, and so on. With a specially developed printing process, LED energy control and GCC primer inks, JF-2418UV can easily decorate printed substrates into sophisticated and beautiful merchandises, such as Mifare cards, invitation cards and acrylics. The JF-2418UV high print gap, when used under special conditions, allows a user to print on materials with uneven surfaces, such as toys and ceramic plates, which avoids the printhead being crushed and retains the print quality at the same time.

High gap printing allows users to print on materials with uneven surfaces by using automatically adjusted sizes of droplets of UV inks. The supporting height difference is a slope of 10 to 20 degrees.

Condensed LED lights reduce reflection and damage to printheads and nozzles as well as allowing users to reach high throughput, saving energy, protecting the environment and the ability of printing on heat-sensitive materials, such as BOPP and PET films.

The machine creates a layer of opaque white colour efficiently on dark-coloured bases or transparent substrates, such as, acrylics, glasses or black papers. It features a patented varnish solution and four white ink printing modes fulfil the majority of applications and deliver vibrant colours on commonly used material as well as dark and transparent media.

The dedicated printheads offer outstanding throughput as well as guarantee the printing quality. The JF-2418UV can achieve a 6.17sqm/h printing speed.

SmartMESH™ is a unique function designed by GCC that applies a complex algorithm to ink jetting pattern control to create unparalleled graphic designs. With SmartMESH™, each pass printing is calculated in order to produce patterns with supreme quality, satisfying colour saturation, smooth tonal gradation and exceptional colour gamut. The advanced SmartMESH™ technology effectively solves banding issues and greatly increases image quality.

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