GCC Expands Cutter Range


Jaguar V 160/LX inherits the functions of Jaguar V family that includes AAS II Contour Cutting System (LX model) for segmental positioning, auto rotation and auto tuning to provide precise contour cutting.

The Jaguar V 160/LX offers ideal performance and reliability in cutting various media such as PVC film, heat transfer film, reflective film, sandblast film and many more. The model can fit some specific dimensions of wider films in the automobile industry such as window tinting film and protection film.


• Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System.
• Section cutting.
• Segmental positioning.
• Auto rotation.
• Triple port connectivity.
• Efficient throughput up to 1530mm/s cutting speed.
• Guaranteed 10m tracking ability.
• Innovative tangential mode.
• Selective pinch roller positioning.

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