Gardiner Announces PVC-Free Wide Format Print Media For Latex And UV Printing


Having brought wide format print media manufacturing in-house with a newly installed coating line, Gardiner Graphics Supplies Europe (GGS EU) has announced their first nod to sustainable products with WP300 PP. This 100% PVC-free media has been designed with wall applications in mind but also provides the perfect solution for external signage and industrial label applications.

Recently appointed EMEA Sales Director Matt Littler said, ‘Now is the time for every supplier to consider their corporate social responsibility and innovate ways to help consumers make more sustainable choices where possible.’

‘The unique combination of the sustainable polypropylene (PP) and the high-grab grey block out adhesive makes this an exciting addition to the GGS EU range. We love that WP300 PP is made from recyclable PP, plus (and it’s a big plus) the manufacturing process of PP creates considerably less greenhouse gas than PVC.

‘PVC certainly has its place in the market, there is no denying that. However, in certain applications our WP300 PP helps consumers to create eco-friendly ‘wow’ factor print when PVC is just not an option.’

Key features

• High-grab, high opacity grey adhesive means virtually no ‘see-through’ on contaminated surfaces.
• High-quality smooth matte white finish.
• Can even cover surfaces painted with latex and flex around light curves and angles.
• Though primarily designed for use as a digitally printable wallcovering, WP300 PP can also be used for outdoor signage and industrial labels.
• Will look great for three years indoors, and up to two years outdoors.

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