STIXO-Signage Supplies

FRASER ANTI-STATIC showcased its ionised airguns at the FESPA London expo (25-29 June 2013). The ionised airguns eliminate dust and static problems that prevail in a graphics environment setting.

The ionisation head on the gun handle releases a million of ions at a time that form an intense cloud of ions, that are transported by airflow into the static charge then the ions kill the static allowing air to blow off the dust.

Hi-flex energy carries the energy from the power unit to the gun, and the air fitting supplied with the gun is an 8mm push in. To ensure neatness and protection the ionised airgun can be taped to the air hose.

The ion tube is a stainless steel construction with protected electronic components built for reliable performance. It has a full hand lightweight trigger to be used for heavy duty, while the air nozzles meet the safety standards and cannot be dead ended.

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