Folex Optimises Film With UV Protection

Folex Optimises Film With UV Protection

Folex has announced that its films for demanding surfaces now include UV-protection. In addition to outstanding functionality, optical quality and mechanical resistance, the film now also exhibits high UV stability. The film can be used for industrial signage and more. 

The product’s high transparency enhances the appearance of printing inks. With GO-HC NQ (new quality) Folex has optimised the tried and tested, clear scratch-resistant polyester film GO-HC with a UV protection already proven with other films. The film can also be used for input systems, labels and other demanding surfaces.

The fact that important information can be printed on the reverse side of the film and the front is scratch-resistant not only raises the reliability of the end product but also increases its service life.

Warning/hazard notices, e.g. on signs, remain legible longer with this type of printing than if the sign is printed on the front. This great scratch protection is achieved by means of front coating with a specially developed hard-coat. Thanks to its high chemical resistance, the scratch-resistant polyester film is a real alternative to window printing.

Due to the homogeneously closed surface, the product is also very easy to clean and disinfect. It is thus a popular item for applications in the medical field. In addition to all these interesting properties, the GO-HC NQ is made with a UL-certified base film.


Scratch-resistance: the hardness of this product is 3H. The product can be used indoors and outdoors.

Printinability: the rear side of the film has a clear coating for ink adhesion to ensure permanent printing with conventional and UV curing screen printing inks. Folex have also had good experience with digital printing with many digital printing systems.

Suitability for textured printing: the scratch-resistant side of the film can be textured, which is excellent for enhancing the aesthetic appearance of product designs. This can be done by applying various structure lacquers by screen printing. The lacquers are cured with UV light. Folex has already obtained very good results in tests of various lacquers

Chemical resistance: Folex obtained outstanding results in tests exposing GO-HC NQ to chemicals and foods. Tested under conditions, reference DIN 42115 revealed no noticeable changes to the surface, i.e. no haze, layer separation or similar.

Processing tolerance: die-cutting, embossing, laser cutting and gluing.