FLEXcon Launches White Vinyl

FLEXcon Launches White Vinyl

FLEXcon WALLdeco™ 6780 is ideal for home décor, retail POP displays, interior wall decorations, advertising and murals. The white vinyl has a microsphere repositionable and removable adhesive for short-term, indoor wall graphic applications.

Microsphere adhesive technology differs from standard pressure-sensitive adhesive technology in that micron-sized spheres are introduced to a binder adhesive system that holds the various, randomly located spheres together as well as to the adhesive.

The binder ensures that the spheres stay with the film carrier during application and removal. When applied, the spheres are activated and compressed against the application surface. These spheres create an uneven topography of the coating. With each removal and reapplication to the wall surface, either existing spheres are reactivated, or new spheres are activated with the compression.

‘Microsphere adhesive technology allows for continuous re-application of the graphics, and peel and tack performance is consistent upon each re-use,’ said Bekie Berg, product manager, FLEXcon. ‘Graphics, if stored properly, can even be reused.’

Both the film and adhesive have been tested on smooth flat painted wallboard to ensure application success. The 6ml vinyl provides the body needed for easy installation and removal for novices with fewer air bubbles, saving time, money and rework. The film also provides excellent printability via UV and solvent screen, UV and solvent inkjet, and UV offset, and the stay flat liner ensures ease of processing.


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