FLEXcon Announces LAZRfilm Vinyl Products


FLEXcon announced the availability of two new LAZRfilm 3.1 millimetre vinyl products. These products feature a new gloss topcoat, a choice of two permanent adhesives, and a lay-flat liner. The LAZRfilm products use gloss TC-274, which provides outstanding image quality, durability and chemical resistance.

In addition, the products use a clay-coated release liner that yields excellent lay-flat properties, regardless of ambient temperatures. The products also have excellent tracking through laser printers and are easily die-cuttable. The products are designed for sheet-form and roll-form laser printing and can be used for various applications ranging from compliance labels, brand identity labels, warning and instructional labels, and more.

The combination of TC-274 and the laser printer’s polymer-based toners provides outstanding image quality, and is more durable than some of the other competing digital printing technologies in the marketplace. The topcoat also lends to these vinyls to be printable via UV, solvent and water flexo, as well as thermal transfer. The LAZRfilm products also allow FLEXcon to topcoat a variety of substrates for laser-printable applications.  

‘We are pleased to offer two new LAZRfilm products for laser-printable applications that meet the needs and open a wealth of opportunities for our converter audience for labels in the consumer electronics, durable goods, industrial equipment, automotive and heavy equipment markets, and beyond,’ said Brian Ayers, market development specialist, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon.

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