Flexa Launches New Brand

Flexa launches new brand for low-cost equipment.

Flexa recently announced the launch of its new XPRO brand, which will be used to market its low cost equipment such as laminators, dye-sublimation machines and a compact welding machine.

Flexa recently presented its hot laminator Millenium IV, automatic XY cutter Miura II Plus and a new product line that will be branded under the XPRO brand.

Millenium IV is a highly professional dual-hot laminator designed for mounting, laminating, encapsulation, laying application tape and double-sided adhesive for large productions.

It is extremely suitable for works that require high precision and is very versatile thanks to the possibility to adjust the temperature of each rubber-coated roller up to 140°.

Its has recently been fitted with a new digital touch screen display with easy to use and intuitive control panel.

The Miura II Plus is an automatic XY cutting machine with automatic vertical cutting correction. It consists of an optical sensor that reads the true media edge or the line longitudinally printed along the entire length of the material.

This improvement will assure top precision in the cut with a perfect final result. This feature combines with the excellent performance of Miura II in terms of cutting speed, which increases productivity to avoid unnecessary slowdowns and save costs.

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