Expand A Sign Supports Hope for Brooklyn Potjie Competition


Expand a Sign assisted the Hope for Brooklyn potjie competition by sponsoring gazebos for the children’s play area and also entered a team into the competition.

Brooklyn’s grandmother, Laureen McQuade, organised the competitioon to raise funds for the ongoing treatment costs for her granddaughter, Brooklyn Rex, who was diagnosed with a rare and potentially life-threatening disease called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

Team SHISA Mfethu from the Ultimate Braai Master television series were the judges and their judging criteria included: taste, originality, creativity and table setting. The winning team was McPotjie who used chocolate as their signature ingredient.

‘We are proud to have been able to support and take part in the Hope For Brooklyn potjie competition and admire the ongoing love, support and dedication little Brooklyn’s family display,’ said Kirsty Fonzari, Expand a Sign Marketing Manager.

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