Exion Launches High Quality PSU


LEDs vary in terms of quality and price. However their overall quality and standards have improved significantly in recent years. In comparison, Power Supply Units (PSUs) have not changed much.

According to Exion, a big quality gap still exists and they have come across many signage companies who are concerned about the reliability and warranty of the PSUs they have been using. As such, the company is proud to launch new ‘EXO’ PSUs and offer its clients PSUs with better quality.


1. Top quality parts mainly made in Korea.
2. Improved circuit design based on experience and big data.
3. Easy to find the problem, whether concerning LED or PSU. A red light indicates that the PSU is working in order, meaning it is likely that there is a problem with LEDs or something else. When the red light is off, it means the PSU is out of order (applicable to 150, 200 and 300 watts only).
4. Easy to calculate how many LED modules or what length of LED strip is needed – e.g a 200 watt PSU is actually 192 watts. If you use Street Warrior III, IV, or V modules, you divide 192 by 1.2 to get the result of 160, which = 160 modules.

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Tel: +27 11 464 5053
Email: sales@exion.co.za
Contact Person: Jay Kim
Website: http://www.exion.co.za


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