Exion Corporation Launching EXO Vivid Multi Light Boxes At Sign Africa Polokwane Expo


Exion Corporation will introduce the EXO Vivid Multi-Light boxes to the South African market at the Polokwane Sign Africa Expo, taking place at the Meropa Casino on 7 April 2016.

The EXO Vivid Multi Light boxes are versatile and can be hung from the ceiling, placed on the floor, mounted flat on a wall or projected from a wall. If used as a menu board, one can easily add an item to the menu or change the prices. The shop owners don’t need to pay for a new sign.

There are two kinds of EXO Vivid Multi Light Boxes, projecting double sided and flat mounted single sided, with nine standard sizes to choose from. Bruce Badenhorst of Exion Corporation said, ‘I am confident that these standardised EXO Vivid Multi Light Boxes are the best option for franchised shops as they create a uniform and standard identity for stores. It is extremely easy and no extra cost is needed to change the advertising materials whenever necessary.’ 

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