Exion Corporation Introduces New Cutting And Engraving Software


Exion Corporation now distributes Type3 software, developed by Gravotech in France. Type3 can programme cutting, woodwork, letter cutting or engraving etc. so that it produces a quality product with a precise design, with processing time drastically reduced.

This software is optimised for sign makers, therefore the software is designed for very simple and error free use. For example, when programming the letters O, R, or B, the outside of the letter is automatically cut along the outside line instead of the middle or inner line. The inside of the letter is set to automatically cut into the inner line rather than the outer line, eliminating common mistakes.

Also, it automatically programmes the router order and cuts the letters or shapes from the inside. Basic vector graphic tools are included so that the user can design from the software – even those who don’t have graphic software.

Exion has created an intensive curriculum with three hours of training. This includes time to practice with the Black Rhino CNC router machine, also sold by Exion. ‘I guarantee that 30 minutes to an hour will be enough for the essential learning for the signage industry. Also, Type 3’s nesting function is so stable that it will save huge amounts of your material,’ said Jay Kim, Managing Director, Exion Corporation.

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Tel: +27 11 464 5053
Email: sales@exion.co.za
Contact Person: Jay Kim
Website: http://www.exion.co.za

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