Exion Corporation Introduces Cemedine Adhesive For Signage


Cemedine is not just a brand name, rather it is a buzzword for glue in Japan. For instance, Xerox for copier machine, Perspex or Plexiglass for acrylic sheet and E-bond for aluminium composite material etc.

This adhesive was specially formulated for the automobile and building industries in Japan, it however became very popular in the signage and furniture industries in Korea.

Exion recommends the application of Cemedine as follows:

· On the corner or gap between the aluminium channel letter for a stronger bond and prevention of light leakage.
· On pins for cut-out letters (it also works quite well with LED’s for halo effect letters).
· On the 90 degree angle to make the corner strong for light boxes.

Cemedine comes in 2 x 2.5kg bottles, and works as a set (A+B), which the user has to mix in equal amounts for a strong bond.

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