Exion Corporation Introduces Black Rhino CNC Router Bits To South Africa

Exion Corporation introduces Black Rhino CNC Router Bits to South Africa.

The Black Rhino CNC Router bit engraving cutting tool is a small handle diameter, high speed, highly precise tool developed for CNC, engraving and milling machines.

The three main bits most commonly used are the flat end, ball end and V mill bit, which will produce different cuts. Black Rhino CNC router bits are made of imported ultra-fine particle tungsten carbide materials from Germany and can be used to process all types of materials such as: metals, plastics, acrylics, resins, medium density fibreboards, wood and much more.

Edwin Rampheri, Exion Corporation CNC operator, said that when he uses the acrylic bit to cut or engrave Plexiglas with the Black Rhino acrylic router bit, the edge and side of the material is very clean, like it had been laser treated.

Tel: +27 11 464 5053
Email: sales@exion.co.za
Contact Person: Jay Kim
Website: http://www.exion.co.za


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