Esko Launches ArtiosCAD Display Store


Esko is expanding the quick-start business opportunities available to its customers via an online portal with the launch of the ArtiosCAD Display Store.

Available to Esko customers for use with ArtiosCAD, Studio and Kongsberg, the ArtiosCAD Display Store, created in conjunction with long-term business partner B+B International, delivers a wide array of production-ready, resizable designs based on an extensive online library of proven parametric design templates.

‘We are very excited to work with B+B International in launching this new service,’ stated Richard Deroo, Esko Product Manager. ‘With the proven success of their customers in Italy, I am confident that our global customer base will see the value in this online display store. B+B International has been an Esko reseller for many years and had already started to develop a local online library. We are working with them to build on this success, bringing this valuable solution to a global audience.’

David Dal Col, Sales Manager at B+B International, commented, ‘We are delighted to be part of developing such a dynamic solution. Sign and display converters can use these designs to produce complex jobs quickly and easily, eliminating the need for any structural design expertise.’

Deroo continued, ‘The ArtiosCAD Display Store will provide our customers with access to an affordable and continually expanding source of new ideas for display design solutions that can be produced using Kongsberg tables and enable them to react quickly to design requests. With the launch of this portal, Esko customers will have a significantly larger choice and variety of resizable, production ready, display designs.

Creating parametric design standards is typically a complex process that requires advanced design expertise and product knowledge. Whilst ArtiosCAD’s Resizable Design Tools enable users to create their own parametric design standards, it can be a complex process for many companies. 

With the ArtiosCAD Display Store, sign and display converters can access a library of more than 325 resizable and tested display designs. It is quick, simple and eliminates the need for structural and 3D design expertise.

Getting started is easy. Users can visit to view the continuously updated library.

Each design bundle includes:

• A resizable ArtiosCAD 2D production ready drawing that can be used again and again at a fraction of the cost of creating a design from scratch. 

• An ArtiosCAD 3D drawing that contains no glue points for easy assembly that can be used for dynamic quality inspection and evaluation.

• A 3D PDF fully interactive ‘virtual sample’ PDF for sharing with colleagues and customers. 

• A 3D JPG image file complete with detailed report template. 

Deroo added, ‘Looking at current market trends, there’s an increasing number of businesses that are searching for new opportunities in the display market, but who may not have expert design knowledge.  Access to this web store enables them to jump-start their businesses by selecting designs with the assurance that they can be sized as needed and produced on a Kongsberg. This is just one more example of how Esko looks out for the best interests of its customers by offering unique, value-added products and services that help its customers operate more efficiently and profitably.’

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