Esko Introduces New Signage Cutting Table

Esko introduces new C Edge cutting table.

With high speed production capability up to 75m/min, at an acceleration of 1G, the Kongsberg C Edge enables converters to produce high quality results with fast turnaround to meet today’s dynamic market needs. The innovation is designed for signage and corrugated packaging converters.

Russell Weller, Esko product manager stated, ‘The new C Edge is designed to grow with our customers. Invest now and you invest for the future. Unlike other tables on the market, the C Edge is completely upgradable, avoiding the impact of having to reinvest when a business expands. The C Edge evolves with a business to unlock production flexibility and profitability, and delivers exceptional cutting quality and milling accuracy at a remarkably cost-effective price.’

Suitable for the wide range of substrates used in the signage sector, the C Edge can be fitted with the new second Fast Tool adapter to reduce manual tool changes and minimise downtime. When two Fast Tools are used together, converters can achieve higher throughput with clever tool combinations and improve output quality, especially on signage materials like vinyls. The C Edge is also available with or without a conveyor.

For corrugated packaging manufacturers, the C Edge can also be fitted with a heavy duty unit with a 50kg downforce to produce high quality crease lines with a 150mm crease wheel. Efficient and high-quality creasing, even at 100% speed, is supported by CorruSpeed; a unique tool developed for cutting corrugated board at high production speeds without oscillation. The CorruSpeed tool delivers higher quality and generates significant time savings on a range of corrugated applications, even with recycled content.


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