Epson Announces LightScene EV-100 Series

Epson Announces LightScene EV-100 Series
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The LightScene EV-100 series is a new type of 3LCD laser projector that expands the company’s presence in the signage and lighting sector.

With a sleek, low-noise design, the 2000-lumen WXGA, 20,000-hour maintenance free EV-100 series can work as either an unobtrusive projector or spotlight. Epson will roll out the new projectors in limited markets beginning in June, with a gradual rollout in other regions to follow.

The LightScene EV-100 series is ideal for curated visual environments such as retail showrooms, shop window displays, museum exhibits and art installations, where minimal visual clutter is key. The new projectors can be used to provide information or show videos and moving patterns in innovative ways, and even for projection mapping onto small objects.

The new projectors offer a fresh solution for retailers, restaurants, bars and hotels facing an increasingly competitive environment. Offering an innovative experience, they will serve to attract customers by bringing displays to life and enhancing the customer experience.

‘The LightScene EV-100 series are a first move into a completely new type of projector for Epson, and are a great addition to our range of laser signage solutions,’ said Yasunori Ogawa, COO of Epson’s Visual Products Operations Division. ‘Epson’s Corporate Vision expresses a strong commitment to driving visual communications innovation, and I firmly believe that the potential of these products to create innovative and outstanding visual experiences will bring us one step closer to achieving our goal.’


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