EFI Announces Enhanced Version Of Fiery DesignPro Software Suite

EFI announces enhanced version of Fiery DesignPro Software Suite.

EFI has announced updated and new tools available in version 4 of the EFI Fiery DesignPro software suite. Unlike many other products for textile design, Fiery DesignPro eliminates the need to reduce designs to indexed colours, maintaining the highest possible fidelity of the artwork. It also creates smoother transitions and gradients, retaining more depth in designs and delivering optimum colour results, especially for digitally printed textiles.

The new version of this suite of plug-ins gives graphic designers more power to create and complete designs directly within Adobe design software. The new software is featured with EFI Optitex 2D and 3D CAD software, EFI Reggiani industrial textile inkjet print technology and the Fiery proServer digital front end (DFE), in a complete EFI Textile Eco-System.

Apparel designers rely on EFI Fiery DesignPro tools and EFI’s comprehensive service offering to streamline and simplify their work, creating complex designs. ‘EFI Fiery DesignPro has been a great programme for us. Because it dovetails with the Adobe Creative Cloud, the programme is very flexible, even for our new users,’ according to Patagonia senior textile Designer Julie Seefeld. ‘The Fiery DesignPro team has been absolutely wonderful to work with, and their accessibility and commitment to customer service are huge assets.’

New Fiery DesignPro RSe tools launched with version 4 include Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create multi-channel separations, colourways and repeat patterns directly within Photoshop, all with the added convenience of a streamlined ‘Print to Fiery’ function to send designs directly into production through an EFI Fiery proServer DFE.

Even for complicated designs, the software provides powerful, easy-to-use tools that do not require special skills. Photoshop and Fiery DesignPro are closely integrated and designers can conveniently switch between the two toolsets. Users gain a significant expansion in design options with the ability to create repeats from any full-colour design and view both the design and multiple repeats simultaneously while designing. Following the repeat process, users can separate colours into multi-channel artwork for easy recolouring, while preserving more depth in the design. These features replace labour-intensive operations and the need to work in multiple software applications that were previously required to accomplish each of these tasks.

‘Digital textile printing is prompting users to create stunning designs that include smooth gradients and complex overprints, something that was not as simple to achieve in the analogue world,’ said Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Fiery. ‘This full set of advanced design tools is the only textile solution in the market that works directly within Adobe products without the need to launch other software. As a result, designers have more power to unleash their creativity by working with multi-colour designs within the same Adobe interface in an integrated toolset.’

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