EFI Launches Pro 32r

EFI launches Pro 32r.

EFI recently announced the launch of its Pro 32r, which offers users an additional capacity of 5000sqm per month, as well as providing customers with a wider range of applications on a wider range of substrates. Due to better ink consumption and lower power bills, this innovation ensures lower running costs.

Key features:

• Speed: up to 207sqm per hour.
• Four colours plus optional white ink.
• Gen-5 print heads with native 7pL droplets and UltraDrop Technology.
• Up to 635dpi true resolution.
• LED for lower power consumption and the use of thinner substrates.
• Integrated mesh kit.
• Wrinkle analyser.
• Backlit proofing lights.
• Includes a built-in Fiery digital front end, featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology, plus RIP and print-on-demand functionality or the ability to print pre-ripped files at the printer interface.

EFI’s ‘cool cure’ LED curing technology empowers users to do more for less and increases profit opportunity by allowing users to offer more premium-margin jobs while reducing operating costs and their environmental footprint.

The technology extends the range of supported substrates, including lower cost and added-value specialty media; increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance; drives down operating costs with less energy consumption and fewer consumable parts; reduces waste with consistent colour output and simple operation and satisfies customer requests for a greener print solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption, and less waste and consumables.

Available with value-added options:
  • White printing.
  • Slitters.
  • Automatic blockout.
  • Manual backlit.
  • Software productivity pack with Media Saving Wizard.
  • iPhone application.

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